Our Story

We are swing dance enthusiasts who think music and dance have the power to transform lives - to spread joy, to create connections, and to unite communities.

Meet the Team

Cristin Dolan

Instructor & Co-Founder

Cristin has a severe case of lindy hop loving. She caught the bug in 2016 and hasn’t been the same since! Lindy hop allows her to express her funky self while bringing joy and inspiration to those she meets. More than anything, Cristin aims to energize her students while journeying through the roots of rhythm, playfulness, and exploration itself.

Jay Ta

Instructor & Co-Founder

Jay learned about swing dancing in the Summer of 2013 and could never stop thinking about it. Lindy hop allows Jay to forget about the stress of the day and have fun! This mentality shows in his teaching. Jay aims to stay true to the history of the dance and share the fun he has with Lindy hop with the rest of the world!